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Fabric Story

Our Lightweight Merino Dual Cloth (MDC-L) is built to function as a clean and versatile base layer blending the natural character of wool and comfort of cotton and modal, a plant based fiber hailed for its softness and durability. A perfect mid-weight (not too light, not too heavy) jersey that wears well in every season. Constructed using a double plated jersey method where the face layer and reverse layer are knit together but function separately, pushing one yarn toward the face and the other to the back. From a historical perspective, this method of knitting is closest to what the original NWKC became renowned for at the turn of the 20th century knitting wool with silk.

Wool Quality: 19.5 micron

Fabric Weight: 5.6oz

Face Layer: 100% Wool

Reverse Layer: 50% Cotton / 50% Modal

Care: Wash Cold. Hang Dry or Dry Clean. Steam for any wrinkle release.