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Inspiration Information: Andrew Haynes

A New York based Creative Director ushers in golf's new perspective.
Photos by Chase Pellerin


As a husband, father, Creative Director, graphic designer, and golfer, Andrew Haynes covers a lot of ground on a daily basis. What is incredible is not only this assortment of duties but how seamless these pieces of who he is are so naturally intertwined.
They are not just silos of activity, but a balanced and fluid set of priorities making it very clear why he is special both to his family and his community. All accomplished with an engaging, well thought out, and genuine approach. 

His impact, both direct and indirect, to the world of golf has been a long awaited evolution in style and attitude ultimately bringing to light a refreshing undercurrent that has progressed how we perceive and appreciate the game.


What does your design process look like?

It all starts with finding something that sparks an idea. I feel like I do my best work when I allow my mind to wander while exploring things completely opposite from my project. A record cover might inspire a magazine layout, while an abstract artist might spark an idea for a package design project. After that, it’s all about putting that puzzle together.

"Being able to make something that’s part of people’s every day lives is pretty awesome. Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid to do this."




Best advice you have been given? 
On of my first bosses, Mike Repole used to say “attitude over skills”. That really stuck with me. It’s not about being the most talented person in the room - it’s about having heart and being willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. 


In what aspects of your life do you find the most inspiration?
I feel like I’ve been very lucky over my career to cross paths with some really cool people like @badassboz and @twender are proof points for me that anything is possible is you are willing to go get it. My parents are an inspiration as well; they’re the hardest working people I know. My 4 month old son Remy is also on the list. He’ll be looking to me to understand how this complicated thing called life works... that pushes me to be the best person of myself.

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