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Inspiration Information: Danny Akalepse

A look behind the curtain of Big Crown Records HQ
Photos by Chase Pellerin

Danny Akalepse


Tucked away on the shaded streets of Greenpoint lies the mighty and ever-idyllic headquarters of New York’s Big Crown Records and home of co-founder Danny Akalepse.

Founded in 2016 by Danny and Leon Michels, Big Crown has taken the leap beyond the confines of genre and established themselves as an artist-focused label not hesitant to pull in their assortment of sounds from what may seem like left field to an outside perspective. To Danny and Leon however, this degree of variation only adds to their balance, integrity, and agility.


"Music means a lot to me. Always has. So, I hope that the music we are putting out is giving people, plants, pets, etc. Something positive."



Lepse has been DJing and collecting record for 25+ years and has played gigs all over the world sharing stages with the who’s who of the DJ world. He now spends most of his time on Big Crown which he sees as an extension of what DJing is to him. 


"You can't unring a bell."


Listen: Danny Akalepse - Big Crown Radio Mix

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